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The following books are must reading for students of liberty, and they're on line, to read FOR FREE. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Making Money by Jimm Braadli is a brief but thorough introduction to the topic of what money is, what it is made of, who makes it, and who suffers when governments force the populations that they control to use unsound, rip-off money. (Counterfeiters can't force you to use bogus money, but governments can!)

Democracy: Do It Yourself Freedom, also by Jimm Braadli, is an examination of what democracy really is, and what it's not. Hint: it's not voting once every 4 or 5 years! Democracy is Do It Yourself Freedom. It's interactive, and YOU get to participate! This book even includes a sample constitution for a country whose citizens desire liberty.

There are two other books that we at LibertyBooks.net highly recommend for those who want to learn about freedom and liberty.

The Law by Frederic Bastiat is a short book that explains how law can be used to abuse people and that this most often happens when law purports to be "benevolent." It's one thing for law to say, "Thou shalt not steal" or Thou shalt not murder," but it is quite another thing for law to say, "George shall make as much money as Roger does." (Even though George drank and partied his way out of college, while Roger studied and qualified as a doctor, for example.)

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The Market for Liberty by Morris and Linda Tannehill is the mother of all books on liberty and freedom. It explains that the bettering of the human condition can only come about from trading among individuals, and that the only choice is one between a market where the trades between consenting adults are not interfered with by anyone, and a market where the trades between consenting adults always involve the hand of government, grabbing a portion of the benefits for itself, though aggression, or the threat of aggression. This book is a must read!

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